Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jeaeun and Junho

These two made the cutest couple! It was one of those rare occasions where we stayed for the reception because we were working the chocolate fountain. Normally after creating, delivering and setting up the cake, we leave to do the next delivery. But the chocolate fountain requires an attendant, so we were there working.

The reception/wedding lunch was held at Mikato Steak and Sushi Restaurant. The introductions and toasts were given in Korean so we didn't understand a word, but what we did understand perfectly was the glowing joy on the happy couple's faces.

There seemed to be a running joke among those who knew the couple best about the groom's lack of singing ability. He was prompted to demonstrate his . . . err . . . musical talents several times to the general delight of the assembled guests. It was all in good fun and he was laughing as much as the guests.

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