Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taste of Derby Festival

Louisville Cookies (a "division" ::chuckle::) of Louisville Wedding Cake participated in the Taste of Derby Festival on April 21, 2009. Let's just say there were a lot of people there, and everyone appeared to be having a really good time. I'm sure it was because of the fabulous food and had absolutely nothing to do with the beer, wine, bourbon and spirits sampling that was going on. mmmhhmmm Taste of Derby Festival is a benefit for Dare to Care.

Louisville Cookies are chocolate covered "chocolate sandwich cookies." Hey, I'm not giving free advertising to anybody . . .

We made 65 dozen cookies.

Yes, that's almost 800 cookies.

Taste of Derby Festival runs from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm.

We ran out of cookies at 7:15 pm.

They were really popular. And the Derby Princesses loved them. More than once.

So now, I'm thinking that Louisville Cookies are "Princess endorsed."

OK, maybe not.

Well, maybe. : )

Louisville Wedding Cake

Congratulations to Brittany and Brandon

I loved this cake! The motifs were created in fondant and edible pearls from the lace appliques on Brittany's wedding gown. Each flower and leaf was cut out, imprinted with the vein pattern of a flower petal or leaf and applied one by one to the cake. The center of each flower was cut out and an edible pearl placed in the center of the flower. I can't wait to see a picture of Brittany in that fabulous gown standing next to the cake (and next to Brandon her handsome new husband too!)

Brandon's a musician and enjoys jazz, so his groom's cake reflected his interests. His cake was a hexagon with six different edible Jazz-themed postcards on the sides, and cast chocolate music notes and musical symbols scattered on top.

Brittany and Brandon made sure that their cakes were as unique as they are! The bride's cake included a tier of Lemon and Pineapple Marble cake with Strawberry filling, a tier of Orange and White Marble cake with Orange filling, a tier of Chocolate Raspberry cake with Raspberry filling and Tuxedo cake. Brandon chose Strawberry cake with Bavarian Creme filling for his groom's cake. Sounds yummy!

Woodhaven Country Club was decorated with a variety Spring flowers in lavenders and purples. The room looked beautiful!

The groom's cake

Every once in a while I do a cake for a client I never get to meet. Kolleen, the Catering Manager from Audubon Country Club called for a member needing a groom's cake for a rehearsal dinner. Could I do it on fairly short notice?


"What are the groom's interests?"

"He likes golf. And U of L."

It was Chocolate cake with Raspberry filling. mmmm, one of my favorites! Everything is edible on the cake including the sand trap, water hazard, golf bag with UL (Go Cards!) on it and golf clubs.

I hope you enjoyed the cake, Mr. Groom and I hope you had a lovely wedding and are beginning a lifetime of happiness!

A Baby Shower

Yes, of course we make more than wedding cakes!

Mae called for a cake for her sister's baby shower. The color scheme was soft yellow and green. Mae had created the most adorable stork cake topper for the cake. She brought it over so that I could get a sense of the color scheme. The whole feel of the shower was Victorian from the hand made cake topper to the invitations. I hope the mom-to-be was happy!

Happy Anniversary Tracy and Ben!

Louisville Wedding Cake created a wedding cake for Tracy and Ben's reception at Glassworks a year ago. They chose to take a gift certificate for an anniversary cake, rather than freezing the top tier of their wedding cake. (Fresh cake is always tastier IMO.) Here's their wedding cake.

Tracy and Ben sent a lovely thank you note for their Anniversary cake.

"Thank you so much for the anniversary cake! It was absolutely delicious, and it was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy it this time around! I love that you remembered our colors too! Thanks again, Tracy"

You're welcome Tracy and Ben! We love happy brides and grooms and especially when they're still happy a year later!!

Louisville Wedding Cake

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Congratulations to Mary and Carl

Mary was the grand prize winner at the Louisville Wedding Network's BEST Wedding Show last summer. She won wedding products and services worth thousands of dollars! She was one lucky bride!! Louisville Wedding Cake donated her groom's cake and a credit toward her wedding cake. Her colors were red and black and she was up for a bit of a playful design.

Mary and Carl had both their ceremony and reception at Lakeside Reflections. The pictures of them getting married in the gazebo with the lake in the background should have been wonderful.

The cake topper of deep red roses and creamy white stephanotis was created by Lloyd's Florist.

Carl asked for a skull and crossbones with a ball and chain for his groom's cake. I want to point out that the chain is handmade and edible and that one of the bones from the skull and crossbones goes thru a link of the chain. It's the first time I'd ever made an edible chain, so thanks Carl for giving me the challenge!

Louisville Wedding Cake

Congratulations to Jodi and Eric

Jodi and Eric got married on 4.11 on a cool and lovely spring day. The dogwoods were just starting to pop and tulips and jonquils are up everywhere! Jodi carried her shades of blue color scheme from the attendants' dresses, to flowers to her cake. Everything was sooo beautiful and coordinated! The cake crown was created specially for Jodi by Louisville Wedding Jewelry and was beautiful. Lloyd's Florist created the wedding flowers and centerpieces, all in shades of blue, of course!

The reception was held at Oxmoor Country Club, where the views are spectacular!

Eric chose a Dungeons and Dragons theme for his groom's cake. I won't pretend that I understand anything about D&D, but the look on his face when he picked up his groom's cake told me I'd made the cake right. He eagerly gave his permission to add a sea dragon's head that I'd made at something of the last minute --hand molded, airbrushed and then highlighted with four or five edible shimmer dusts.

Eric provided a map of a land that was surrounded by sea, so I "floated" the map in an edible blue sea that really looked quite a bit like water. Here it is, with a close of up the sea dragon.

Louisville Wedding Cake

Happy Anniversary to Mary and Dennis!

"The cake is awesome. Thanks so much." - Mary

It's been a year already? Mary and Dennis are neighbors and it's amazing how fast their one year anniversary seems to have come. But truly, Happy first year! They chose to cash in their gift certificate and get a bigger party cake, in Mary's favorite flavor, Italian Creme. yum....

Mary tells me that she's bought a travel website, Pink Shirt Travel Check her out!

Louisville Wedding Cake

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Pink Safari

So, Gina called needing a cake for a baby shower. I asked the standard questions:
"How many people to serve?" 20.
"What flavor of cake?" The mom-to-be likes carrot.
"What's the color scheme?" The baby's a girl, so pink with other pastels.
"Is there a theme?" mmhmm Pink Safari. And the mom really likes monkeys.

If you ever aspire to a career as a cake designer, you'll soon understand that this is a normal conversation.

Let's see, think about traveling across the Serengeti in your dust covered Jeep, camera at the ready looking for animals. Now add monkeys to your mental picture. Then make them pastel. Then add some more pastel animals - out of chocolate. And a pink Zebra. And here's the end result!

The background of the cake is a pink zebra, with buttercreme palm trees, 20 pastel tinted and cast chocolate animals. There were quite a few monkeys, lions with brown chocolate manes, a blue giraffe with white chocolate spots and a pink one with milk chcolate spots and three pastel green turtles around the lake on top of the cake. The lake sparkled with edible glitter. The shrubs are rice treats covered with buttercreme leaves, and the palm tree is a chocolate fondant covered rice treat topped with green fondant fronds.

Pink Safari? No problem!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We don't just create wedding cakes. We do all types of cakes including children's birthday cakes. This little guy likes Thomas the Train. Since Thomas is copyrighted, we created a cake "background" and his mom could then put a little train on the edible track around the cake. There is a tunnel, snow capped mountains, wildflowers and a sign wishing him a Happy Birthday.

From left to right: Front - Side - Back - Side

And there's a picture of the birthday boy on his mom's blog!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Joel and Brandy

Happy first anniversary to Joel and Brandy! Louisville Wedding Cake created the bride's and groom's cakes for their wedding one year ago. They decided to serve their entire cakes instead of freezing the top tier and took a gift certificate for their anniversary cake. I've always said that year old cake tastes a whole lot like year old cake . . .

For their anniversary cake the couple chose a marble of chocolate raspberry and almond white, with a raspberry filling. yummmmm

Here are pictures of their bride's and groom's cakes from a year ago.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hannah and Adam

Hannah's cake was decorated with edible lace motifs and edible pearls taken from the lace pattern on her dress. I brushed the lace motifs with gold pearl dust for shimmer. The lace was a champagne color, with pearl centers in the flower part of the lace. Flavors were Italian Creme, Strawberry and Tuxedo.

The reception was beautifully decorated for an early Spring day. The centerpieces were loose bunches of mixed colors of Spring flowers provided by Lloyd's and the tables were draped with white linens to the floor and sage topppers, flanked by white chairs provided by Bella Wedding Rentals. The color scheme was mostly ivory, champagne, sage and lavendar and was so very pretty!

The Groom's cake was an edible replica of a Wraith Disc Golf (don't call it a Frisbee) resting in grass. I was reliably informed that the groom is an accomplished disc golfer. His cake was Chocolate Almond.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nancy and Ben

Nancy and Ben had an AHR at Glassworks in January. They chose a cake in two of my favorite colors, red and black, and who can resist hearts for a wedding? The bow on top is edible, too!

Ben picked up the cake to deliver it to Glassworks all on his own. What a brave guy! Most people can move a three tier cake if they have a van, SUV or wagon-ish sort of vehicle, and nerves of steel. For everyone else, we do offer delivery. But then he had some experience. We'd also created a small cake for their wedding ceremony and family reception.

And we received the nicest thank you note from them.

"Thank you for baking our ceremony and reception cakes - they were beautiful and we got many compliments on how great they looked and tasted. You really have a unique talent and you captured our personalities with your design. We've got several friends getting married soon and we're going to pass along your card.

Thanks again! Nancy and Ben"

And thank you for choosing me to make your cakes.


I launched my etsy store last week. These are chocolate covered "chocolate sandwich cookies" (hey, why give them free advertising?) decorated with a fleur de lis, a wedding couple, a heart, and some other designs that I need to post. They are yummily addictive.

Jeaeun and Junho

These two made the cutest couple! It was one of those rare occasions where we stayed for the reception because we were working the chocolate fountain. Normally after creating, delivering and setting up the cake, we leave to do the next delivery. But the chocolate fountain requires an attendant, so we were there working.

The reception/wedding lunch was held at Mikato Steak and Sushi Restaurant. The introductions and toasts were given in Korean so we didn't understand a word, but what we did understand perfectly was the glowing joy on the happy couple's faces.

There seemed to be a running joke among those who knew the couple best about the groom's lack of singing ability. He was prompted to demonstrate his . . . err . . . musical talents several times to the general delight of the assembled guests. It was all in good fun and he was laughing as much as the guests.