Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Congratulations to Jodi and Eric

Jodi and Eric got married on 4.11 on a cool and lovely spring day. The dogwoods were just starting to pop and tulips and jonquils are up everywhere! Jodi carried her shades of blue color scheme from the attendants' dresses, to flowers to her cake. Everything was sooo beautiful and coordinated! The cake crown was created specially for Jodi by Louisville Wedding Jewelry and was beautiful. Lloyd's Florist created the wedding flowers and centerpieces, all in shades of blue, of course!

The reception was held at Oxmoor Country Club, where the views are spectacular!

Eric chose a Dungeons and Dragons theme for his groom's cake. I won't pretend that I understand anything about D&D, but the look on his face when he picked up his groom's cake told me I'd made the cake right. He eagerly gave his permission to add a sea dragon's head that I'd made at something of the last minute --hand molded, airbrushed and then highlighted with four or five edible shimmer dusts.

Eric provided a map of a land that was surrounded by sea, so I "floated" the map in an edible blue sea that really looked quite a bit like water. Here it is, with a close of up the sea dragon.

Louisville Wedding Cake

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