Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Pink Safari

So, Gina called needing a cake for a baby shower. I asked the standard questions:
"How many people to serve?" 20.
"What flavor of cake?" The mom-to-be likes carrot.
"What's the color scheme?" The baby's a girl, so pink with other pastels.
"Is there a theme?" mmhmm Pink Safari. And the mom really likes monkeys.

If you ever aspire to a career as a cake designer, you'll soon understand that this is a normal conversation.

Let's see, think about traveling across the Serengeti in your dust covered Jeep, camera at the ready looking for animals. Now add monkeys to your mental picture. Then make them pastel. Then add some more pastel animals - out of chocolate. And a pink Zebra. And here's the end result!

The background of the cake is a pink zebra, with buttercreme palm trees, 20 pastel tinted and cast chocolate animals. There were quite a few monkeys, lions with brown chocolate manes, a blue giraffe with white chocolate spots and a pink one with milk chcolate spots and three pastel green turtles around the lake on top of the cake. The lake sparkled with edible glitter. The shrubs are rice treats covered with buttercreme leaves, and the palm tree is a chocolate fondant covered rice treat topped with green fondant fronds.

Pink Safari? No problem!!

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