Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations to Brittany and Brandon

I loved this cake! The motifs were created in fondant and edible pearls from the lace appliques on Brittany's wedding gown. Each flower and leaf was cut out, imprinted with the vein pattern of a flower petal or leaf and applied one by one to the cake. The center of each flower was cut out and an edible pearl placed in the center of the flower. I can't wait to see a picture of Brittany in that fabulous gown standing next to the cake (and next to Brandon her handsome new husband too!)

Brandon's a musician and enjoys jazz, so his groom's cake reflected his interests. His cake was a hexagon with six different edible Jazz-themed postcards on the sides, and cast chocolate music notes and musical symbols scattered on top.

Brittany and Brandon made sure that their cakes were as unique as they are! The bride's cake included a tier of Lemon and Pineapple Marble cake with Strawberry filling, a tier of Orange and White Marble cake with Orange filling, a tier of Chocolate Raspberry cake with Raspberry filling and Tuxedo cake. Brandon chose Strawberry cake with Bavarian Creme filling for his groom's cake. Sounds yummy!

Woodhaven Country Club was decorated with a variety Spring flowers in lavenders and purples. The room looked beautiful!


  1. Thanks Leah! Everything looked and tasted amazing - all of our guests were raving. Brandon and my mom's favorite tier was the crazy top! Thank you so much for everything!

    Brittany Burdoine-Lewis

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